What is Bootstrap? Bootstrap latest version, Bootstrap Download, Bootstrap 4 Features

What is Bootstrap? Bootstrap latest version, Bootstrap 4 Features

What is Bootstrap?

BootStrap is nothing else just a Framework.

BootStrap is from one of the best and most popular or known CSS Framework.

Bootstrap Tutorial for Beginners

BootStrap 4 Download

download latest version of Bootstrap

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What is the Use of Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is mainly used in Website Development that helps to make the Websites or Blogs to work Responsive in Mobile, Desktop, Tablet or any different Screen.

To make Website looks Fine on every size of screen Bootstrap is used mainly.

Which is Latest Version of Bootstrap?

Bootstrap as I told to you is  a CSS Framework And the latest version of Bootstrap is Bootstrap 4 is the latest Version of BootStrap

Which Browser Supports Bootstrap?

I am not saying of all versions of Bootstrap but the latest Version of Bootstrap which is Bootstrap 4 is supported by all browsers.

But Bootstrap is not supported by  Internet Explorer 9.


If you needs  support for IE9 or IE8,then you must use  the version 3 of Bootstrap Which is “Bootstrap “.

Bootstrap also let you choose from

  • Bootstrap provides many styles of buttons
  • Bootstrap provides an easy way to create predefined alert messages
  • Bootstrap allows you to create table
  • And Much More.

Bootstrap also let you Choose the color of Text

You can use text color option in bootstrap as following:

<div class=”container”>

    <p class=”text-muted”>What is Bootstrap.</p>

    <p class=”text-primary”>Bootstrap latest version.</p>


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