NRI Full From, NRI Meaning, What NRI Means?

Maybe You have seen written on the back of a car or somewhere else the word NRI. So Now what NRI full form just Scroll down.

NRI Meaning, Nri Full form, NRI means
NRI Meaning

NRI Full Form

NRI stands for Non-Resident Indians. NRI means that the people who have born in India but Not living in India hey are Living in any Other Country.

How Many NRI

As per the Ministry of External Affairs, there are approx 28million or 2,80,00,000 2 Crore NRI are there.


PIO stands for Person of Indian Origin and NRI means Non-Resident Indian But there is no difference in the meaning of both the two.

Both have meant that the person who borns in India but not been grown or not living in India.


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