how to reset windows 8

How To Restore Windows 8, Reset Windows 8 Tips

Do you know how to restore Windows 8? Windows 8 is a version of Microsoft for the use of PC, including home and business laptops, tablets, and other home theater PCs. If you’re having a problem with your PC you can restore, refresh, or reset it. System restore is one of the features that make windows worth having the ability to roll back to a point where you know it was working well, this can protect your PC from all hiccups.

Why restoring of Windows 8 device needed?

  • Restore your PC is always a way to undo recent changes you have made to your PC.

  • Sometimes some problems occur in our PCs like installing certain software changing settings or some kind of malware that occurred or something mechanical that may have gone wrong( storage is full RAM is overheated or broken etc.), system restoring would not delete a virus or mend a broken fan.

  •  If a problem is a recent change by your software you installed it could be very helpful for users. Systems restore will rewind your PC before something went wrong.

  •  System Restore creates restore points at all times. Restore point captures the settings in your system at a point you know it was working well, you will see it in the next tip on how to restore Windows 8.

  •  If something goes wrong you can slip back to the point and restore everything. It does not cause any change in your saved our files, it would rather delete the recent installed application or drivers it must be enabled on every drive you use it, and you need about 300 Mb of disk space. It is enabled by default.

How To Restore Windows 8?

  • Before using keep in mind to store all the documents and files and when the restoring is going on you can’t use your PC/laptops at that time.

  • If you are using a touch screen PC swipe into your right edge of the screen, then tap ‘SEARCH’.

  • If you are using a mouse point it to the top right corner of your screen, move the mouse pointer down then click “SEARCH”.

  • In the search box type ‘RECOVERY’. Then tap or click the ’SETTINGS’ bar on the right-hand side, and choose the ‘RECOVERY’ icon.

  • From the resulting window select open system restore by default you will be shown most ‘RECENT STORE POINTS’. To restore to this point click ‘NEXT’ and then ‘FINISH’. Your PC will roll back this will involve restoring and restarting your PC /laptops.

  • Alternatively, select different store points and hit next the enable will show ‘MORE STORE POINTS’ available. Select one of these click ‘NEXT’ then ‘FINISH’. Your PC will now rollback.

  • To manually create a restore point select ‘restore’-> ‘settings’ then hit ‘CREATE’, your new system restore point will be created. You’ll be asked to name your restore point for future reference. Write a suitable name and hit ‘CREATE’.


  • You might be suggested to insert the disk or some floppy that came with your PC. In some cases you might have created the restore points when you had stepped in your PCs.

  •  System restore is not available for Windows RT.

  • Windows automatically creates a store point when you install your new windows updates.


  • The apps that came with your PC’S are installed from the windows store will be re-installed. But any apps from websites or DVDs will be removed. The windows put the list of deleted apps on your desktop after refreshing your PC.



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