how to wifi password in laptop

How to get forgotten WIFi password from Laptop

WiFi setup is an onetime process, you configure your WiFi for the very first time, and then it logs in automatically every time you start your computer. Someday you wish to log in to your WiFi through any of your gadgets or maybe guest at your home wishes to access your WiFi. OMG! I know it’s difficult to recollect that old password. The first step would be, try to remember and ask yourself what is my WiFi password?

You have several options though, that can help you in different conditions. I have come up with every possible action to help you with any kind of difficulty retrieving the WiFi password.

How to get a forgotten WIFi password from Laptop?


At the bottom right corner, click on the Wireless icon. It will show you a list of available WiFi devices. Select your device, right-click on it, and go to properties.

Under the “Security” tab look for “Network Security Key”. It must be encrypted, you just need to click on the checkbox below “show characters”. This will enable an unencrypted mode of password box and a password must be visible to you now.


Once you can access the WiFi Device configuration. In the Wireless section, look for “pre-shared key”.

Yes! This is your WiFi password.

What if you are not able to login to WiFi device Configuration through browser?

Time to catch your WiFi device now. Find the “reset” button and hold the “reset” key with a pin for 30 seconds. This will reset your login authentication and all your WiFi settings. Reset time does vary for different manufacture but I think 30 seconds is maximum that any device can have.

how to know wifi password in pc or laptop

If you still facing issue resetting, simply Google it with your device name or call customer care for your WiFi device. Almost all manufacture provides customer service today.

Software programs to retrieve the WiFi password:

If you are still in love with Windows XP or Vista operating system, you can use WirelessKeyView if nothing above works.

Another software program, RouterPassView will also allow you to get the username/password for a WiFi router as well as the WiFi password.


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