How to Create Windows 8 Bootable Pendrive

How to Create Windows 8 Bootable USB – Techfeel

If you  want to create Windows 8 bootable pendrive because the method is portable, reliable and easy to implement. Then this article will solve your every problem. So Read Properly.

What are the reasons to create Windows 8 bootable USB?

  • I don’t have to keep CD/DVD
  • Older CD/DVD with scratches does not work smoothly
  • No worry of CD/DVD ROM functionality
  • I can carry it anywhere in my smallest pocket of jeans

You never know, when your computer CD ROM stopped working or may be your disc coming up with an error after 90% of installation. To get rid of these situations, we can create Windows 8 bootable pendirve

Free Tool to create bootable Pendrive:

Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool is free to download from Microsoft.

Tool to Create bootable Pendrive for any version of Windows:

Yes! You hear me right.

You can use this tool for any version of Windows Operating System.

Steps create Windows 8 bootable pendirve;

how to make bootable pendrive
how to make bootable pendrive

Step 1:

Go to Microsoft store here for Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool. This tool is for Windows 7 but it does work on Windows 8. You can read all the instruction and FAQ here related to this tool. The direct link to download this tool is here.

Step 2:

After downloading Windows 7 USB/DVD tool, run the setup file and install the software.

Step 3:

After running the software, provide the ISO file path from your computer.

Step 4:

Select the bootable device option, such as creat bootable device for CD/DVD or create bootable pendrive. Off course, you will select bootable pendrive.

Step 5:

Now, browse and select the pendrive you want to make bootable. Your pendrive should have minimum 4 GB space to proceed.

Step 6:

After selecting pendrive, begin copying the ISO.

Step 7:

Let the file continue copying, in the mean time I can have a cup of coffee.

Step 8:

I am done with my coffee :)

Wow! I got the message “Bootable USB device created successfully

Step 9:

Restart the PC/laptop and boot it from pendrive.

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