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How To Control Windows 7,8,10 PC From Mobile Phone – Techfeel

There are a lot of reasons why you wanna control your Windows  PC from your mobile device, some reasons are like when you are giving a power-point presentation, dealing with slides and clients and sitting away from your working place. For this there is a wonderful app that would help u to do so.

1st Method to control your Windows PC from Mobile

The official Microsoft Remote Desktop application uses the RDP protocol, offering a fast and reliable way to access your Windows 8 system without installing additional server programs.

Step: 1

You need to enable remote connections on your PC by going to Control Panel > System and Security > System,

Step: 2

then click on “Remote settings” from the left panel and on the “Remote” tab, check “Allow remote connections to this computer”.

Step: 3

After doing that, connect your Windows 8 PC with an Android device.


Install and open (Click Here)the application and tap on the “+”. Enter a name for your connection, the hostname or IP address of the PC, and the login credentials and click on “Done”.

2nd Method to control windows PC by Mobile

This app is called Windows8Controller. This app is easy to use install and maintain for users.

There are 2 component to this process:-

  1. The mobile app– PC remote for free.

  2. The desktop software— PC remote server

Some features of this software are:-

  1. Mouse: left, right, scrolling, dragging, and multi-finger touch.

  2. Keyboard support: full support of keyboard like using some function keys CTRL-Shift, FN key, special function key.

  3. View the PC screen on your phone for typing and zoom use keyboard.

  4. Volume control

  5. Search YouTube in-app: open YouTube in-app and play the video on PC.

  6. Control windows media from phone support for iTunes, media players, VLC, etc.

  7. Phone could be used as power-point remotes.

  8. Used for power controls such as log out, standby, sleep, turn on/off monitors, etc.

  9. Password protection: encrypted data transfer, domain network support.

Basic steps to connect Windows phone with PC:-

  1. Firstly you have to install this software PC REMOTE SERVER, download it from the website and run the .msi file on u r windows 8. The installation is easy and this software is user friendly. It should end with PC remote server window open. The default setting must work properly n you can change the settings and password by clicking on the password tab and enable the box and entering the password. Then click  update server.

  2. PC remote mobile client:- From windows phone store app search PC remote server app and click on install. When installation is complete you’ll find the launcher in the app listing phone devices. Scroll down until you see the PC remote. Launch it.

From the PC remote click plus sign(+) to manually add the computer hosting the various servers.

Some basic steps to connect Android phone with PC:-

1) Download windows 8 server app for PC once you open this app there are two buttons option and help button. It also shows your IP address for manually connecting, If the server fails.

2) Under Options you’ll get customization options, like what you want to happen when the panic button is pressed, and the ability to start windows 8 controller on start-ups.

3) In Android phones search for the auto-connect button and it automatically connects your PC with phone devices.

How to use this app:-

1 ) Once you get started, you’ll find 3 options panic, calender, and start button on the bottom left.

2)  the start button brings you to the shortcuts on the screen. The strangest part of this menu is to get back to the mouse/keyboard you have to use the phone’s back button. No short cut buttons are given.

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